Saturday, November 23, 2013

Review: Brillare Science Choclate Face ‘N’ Body Scrub


U know what girls, I am really thankful to Beauty Blogging which has created an Urge in me to try out different products & find out the best ones respective of budget, quality & its effect. Even if am happy with my current product am using, I always feel like using each & every new launches in every possible ways.

Anwez,, the review am going to share today is a product that I haven’t spotted before on any online sites.Neither found any review while googled,  So with  50-50 mind I ordered it from **Purplle** as it looked quite tempting .
After using for quite some time now am here to share my experience with u :)

Price:  INR 110/ 100gm

Product Description:
Its your personal skin spa right in ur own home. It can soften, exfoliate, revitalize, tone & moisturize your skin. A mixture of walnut particles, cocoa & desired skin essentials promotes a natural breathing of your skin & gives optimum moisturised velvety feel. Caffeine rich coco ensure an amazingly stress free younger looking skin every time.

My take on the Product:

It comes in translucent tub packaging with flip top cap. I personally love translucent packaging as I can see how much product is left. The cap shuts properly thus makes it easy to carry for travelling.

I fell in love with the strong Aroma of chocolate. It looks really yummy & reminds me of dark Chocolate cake *drooling*  It smells delicious & feel like rubbing melted chocolate over skin.

Now coming to the texture part, It’s creamy, chocolaty color thick scrub which has very fine granules in it. The texture is creamy hence easily gets spread onto skin & gives smooth massage with few drops of water. The granules are mild enough to use on facial skin without any harsh feeling. Though I feel its  not apt for body skin as it has very mild granules.

I just love the effect even after few minutes massage. My skin was looking soft, supple & radiant. It gives b’ful glow to face which lasts for 1-2 days. With few uses my skin was looking more even, Polished & glowing.  However I felt bit dryness around my T zone but nothing such that a moisturizer cant take care of ;)  Well nothing to blame the scrub as its winter now & my skin feels super dry during the time.  I think this would be great choice for Combination & normal skin beauties.

What I Liked:

·         Creamy texture
·         Travel friendly packaging
·         Makes skin smooth & supple
·         Gives radiant glowing skin
·         Yummy fragrance
·         Affordable

What I Disliked:

·         Can be bit drying for dry skin beauties
·         Fine granules, so cant be used as body scrub
·         Availability

Rating:  4/5

Final Thought:

Overall I liked the product a lot as its budget friendly & gives instant effect. Those who loves chocolate can definitely give it a try as u are going to get all the effect of chocolate massage.

Stay B’ful  :)


  1. Wow look like a great one, where did you get it.

  2. yes, Its a good one at this it from
    Thanx for visiting dear :)

  3. I might just eat it :P
    Will try it for sure as I dont have excessively dry body skin!

    1. hahaha :) I too had the same feeling :)
      & give it a shot honey, u wud like it :)

  4. Wow this looks like an interesting product.

    1. yup..its a decent product at this price :) thanx ya

  5. It looks great, haven't heard of it yet. But I think it'll dry out my already dry skin.

    1. I too saw it for first time on purplle & ordered it :)
      & luckily it turned out to be good one :D

    2. Well u can use it by following a moisturizer :) Its not that drying :)

  6. I am new to this brand. it looks so yum!

  7. Mouth Watering! :P

    I Think I 'll Rather Try This in Summers When My Skin Isn't Dry.. Glad This Turned Out Nice:)

    1. haha....thanx honey :) sure u can try this in summers :)

  8. hey u have a great blog......wanna let me know on my blog

  9. This sounds nice. But will it work on oily skin?

    1. yeah sure..My sis using it, she has oily skin & Its working well for her :)

  10. Lovely review and pics Anu :) Would like to try it sometime ^_^

  11. Thanx tryit..Its really a great product :)


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